—  someone is always watching

David is an extremely engaging and dynamic personality.  He is easy to connect with and you can see his passion for life and what he does reflected in every batch of cocktails that he creates.
— Cassie H.
He’s an engaging leader who encourages others to do their best. His work ethic is second to none
— Farah E.
I supposed David teaching me that not all cherries are made equally; in reference to my old fashion...
— Sanjay F.
My favorite memory of David is his helpful and generous spirit when he allowed me to use the LUCID space to host “ Unleash your Creativity” workshops. He didnt even think twice about it, he said *yes* and off we went.
— Jeremy J.
David, loves and supports his community - he creates amazing things - and he helps out local artists
— Blaine L.
David gave me a big leap pf trust and nerded out with me and his bright optimism kept me coming back as a Game of Thrones partner
— Michelle M.
A man who does it all, and makes it look easy
— Farzeen Y.
David is the only boss I have had that I could shoot with a champagne top and not be fired! Just sayin ...
— Brandon R.


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