—  Cassie H. 

David is an extremely engaging and dynamic personality.  He is easy to connect with and you can see his passion for life and what he does reflected in every batch of cocktails that he creates.


Compassionate, Creative and Courageous - words that describe such an incredible person as David. I have had the pleasure of working with and knowing David Pierre Louis for seven years. We first met when he agreed to allow me to help cultivate a project idea and almost as soon as we began planning, his priorities shifted to Haiti and his life mission for creating impact in Haiti. He's created and led the development of a non-profit organization for which I had the pleasure of serving on, and several other projects over the years that all circle back to his roots and his passion to create change within his community. We worked together on fundraiser project called the IO Awards, where he led and galvanized the music / arts community to support each other, celebrate their craft, and raised all of the funds required for this project within 45 days. He's a connector, and innovator. His stand out skill is in his ability to connect with people and organizations that can collaborate with him to drive his project to fruition. When people work with David in professional settings, they quickly become his friend. He's an engaging leader who encourages others to do their best. His work ethic is second to none, and I'd recommend David to any leadership and consulting role.

- Farah Ebrahim


—  Econ M. 

I met the owner, David when he hosted a Restaurant Opportunities Center (ROC) United bartending course and seemed very nice. I love the fact he was gracious enough to let ROC United use his space to teach Seattle restaurant workers bartending and resume skills free of charge.




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